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Our Features:

Eastern and southern region of Taiwan are rich in natural water resources. Marine institute select NMMBA as a base, which is an area with Taiwan highest degree of divergence of marine life. The education of institute focus mainly on field works and also research works in laboratory in order to exert university academic research field of eastern and southern region, and thus enhance set up of "program of system and lecturer circulation system" by researchers from whole eastern and southern part of Taiwan, working together in education with Department of life science, biotechnology and natural resources to develop high technology personnel.

1. Teaching:

(1) Combine with local natural resources in Kenting waters, complement with the coral reef ecology, provide variety of choices for class and lecturers that are energetic and interesting.

(2) Convenient for research that need field practices. Strategic geographical location allow scuba diving, survey, sampling and marine field work on the ground.

(3) Cooperate with foreign researchers in study coral reefs, provide professional courses about coral reefs in English.

2. Research:

Stressed on topic study for research. Research carry out by team, assisted by technicians and supported by NMMBA in financial. Diversity of research topics can improve R&D capabilities and encourage student work in team. Lecturers and students may learn variety of knowledge through access to electronic books or internet and other resources.

3. Services:

Marine science museum and education group, display group and Hengchun community university work together with Kenting National Park Administration in promote education and related speech in spread the knowledge about biodiversity. It also provide an internship chance for students of marine related field or foreign researchers to come for research and practical.