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Direction of development

Our primary goal is to combine geographical features and high technology together in order to improve the research and industry. The direction of development is make use of high technology, such as molecular biotechnology. We would like to carry out basic research on Taiwan native marine species and develop related biotechnology and talents. Marine biomedical will be one of the important development field. Besides, we would like to integrate Taiwan geographical characteristics with the biotechnology, enhance development of proliferation of native species of marine organisms with industrial value and then extend to other species. This can increase Taiwan competitiveness in the world of the related industries, and finally enhance marine biology research and create a trend to the world in future.

I. The short-term development direction and priorities

1. The basic biochemical research on Taiwan special species. Features such as coral is Taiwan waters characteristic, therefore focus on research related to the coral, making Taiwan the world's coral academic research center.

2. The use of biotechnology methods to develop industrial products using native species. For example, the use of traditional chemical extraction or use of biotechnology methods on Taiwan native species to find the species genome code in develop useful proteins (Novel protein), then making products development based on the results of basic research.

3. To foster high-tech marine biological research and related personnel in product development.

4. The proliferation of marine biological species with economic benefits.

5. The establishment of high-tech, such as biotechnology, research and development of special conservation in proliferation of Taiwan marine life species.

6. Develop personnel in technology in proliferation of marine life.


II. The long-term development direction and focus

1. Develop basic research on Taiwan's native species and becomes personnel training center.

2. R & D center in Taiwan marine living resources.

3. To promote the domestic marine biotechnology industry in combination of every part, either in upstream, middle or downstream.

4. Become world-class research institute in marine research.

5. Educate personnel in related aquatic organisms proliferation by high technology research, coordinate with the mission of NMMBA - Preservation, development and utilization of Taiwan native species, the main long-term goal is to make Taiwan become the world's center on supply, and proliferation of marine organism seedlings (species-specific), R & D center as well as related personnel training center.

6. Marine life science can apply in field of clinical research and medical industry.